scott veigel - why solomon?Who couldn’t stand to exercise a little more wisdom?

I’m Scott, and if you think of this as being on a tour, then I’m on the tour with you. This is my attempt at being that person on the tour that asks those interesting, insightful questions.  I need to understand and apply what it is to be wise, and want to make it easier for whoever would like to join me. This ‘journey’ is about directly and fruitfully integrating wisdom into all areas of our lives.

Why the Email? 

You’re busy… How are you supposed to benefit from all there is to read, watch and listen to?  Let me take care of that. At least a couple of times per month, I’ll “search and sift” to pull together both the practical and the inspirational to benefit the whole of who we are to be: mind, body, and soul.

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What’s Solomon Got To Do With It? 

Solomon is probably one of the best examples of someone needing to take his own advice.  Yes, he was human.  But he was wise.  Wise in a way that we can be also.  God freely provides us the wisdom we need to properly handle life, lead and impact others.

Wisdom starts with a decision.  We must first choose to receive it (see The Right Life Manifesto), and it then becomes our constant companion guiding us on the journey God has called us to.  Solomon will contribute much to our journey.

Here’s Where I’m Coming From

IMG_7160I was still working in radio at the time. We were discussing the future of radio, content, and the web, when I was asked, ‘Are you a radio guy, or a web guy?’ I think that was what did it. In my mind I answered, ‘Neither. And, both. I’m a content guy.’  Soon after, I left radio, and spent the better part of a year dreaming about what that response really meant for me and my future.

It seemed my past, and I believe my future, are about one word. One very important word.  Content.  Creating it, curating it, and making sure the right people find it–-for this one purpose: “to creatively compel people to act.”  That quickly became my life purpose statement.  Sure, by my being a marketer it can mean ‘buy this product,’ but I was aiming at something quite a bit higher.  It was less about how I would fill my work week, and more about how I could impact people’s lives; that I could use content to creatively move someone toward doing something they needed to do!

We really have no choice in the matter. We will impact people’s lives. So the question becomes, ‘how?’ I love everything about content. It’s where great things can happen.  So, with that revelation, a graduate degree from Moody Bible Institute, and nearly 20 years of campus, church, and radio ministry, it is my hope that this will compel you toward what you need to be… and that together, we can inspire one another to exercise wisdom in all things.

Fun Facts:

  1. I once was mistaken for a member of the Secret Service.  At the time, I working with an aviation company as a safety trainer.  While we were working at an airport in California, we just happened to be located on the cargo side of the runway near where they were transporting Ronald Reagan’s horses.  It must have been my suit, 6’4″ frame, and dark sun glasses that were enough to fool people into taking pictures of me and a coworker.
  2. I survived 9 years in North Dakota.  Barely.  Okay, that’s a little dramatic.  But they don’t call it ‘life in the vast lane’ for nothin’.  The only thing moving with any speed in that state are the tumbleweeds.  And, I actually chose to live there!  Can you believe that?!
  3. I’ve had at least 20 addresses, in 7 states.  What can I say, radio gets you around.
  4. I recommend going Paleo.  I won’t include the word ‘diet’, because I wouldn’t call it that.  It is a clean, very beneficial, way of eating that you could do (most of the time =) forever.
  5. Still a Minnesota Vikings fan.  Can’t help it… and I’ve checked–there isn’t a cure.  I’m MN home grown, and that’s just the way it is.

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Professional Bio:

Over the last two decades, Scott Veigel has lived in the best of both worlds (not to mention some great cities).  Sometimes leaving, sometimes weaving, the worlds of radio and the web with organizations that include AOL/Netscape Radio, Salem Communications, WAY-FM Media Group and Silicon Valley startups.  Following his second attempt at ‘leaving’ radio in 2008, he launched Volume Up Marketing to provide digital and content marketing consultation to small businesses and organizations.  Scott is currently the Director of Donor Marketing at Moody Global Ministries in Chicago, IL.