Impress to be Impressive?

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“If you want to be likeable and memorable you have to step up your game… here are 17 quick and easy ways to make sure that the people you meet will be impressed and want to make the most of your relationship moving forward.” – Kevin Daum

EXPLORE  |  More Than Being Impressive

We shouldn’t be unnecessarily concerned with what people think of us, but we should care a great deal about how and what we communicate.

Smile, use people’s names, phones in airplane mode–the bulk of Kevin’s article is made up of a number of good reminders which further reinforces that the simplest of gestures can make a big difference in our interaction with others, regardless of our intentions.

But what of our intentions?  What should drive our attempts at making an impression?  Beyond the obvious ‘dress for success’ recommendations, the latter part of Kevin’s quote above provides a good basis for our answer: “make the most of your relationship moving forward.”  To that end, we would do well to let authenticity temper our efforts to only seek to impress, as trust is the basis for any healthy relationship.

I am reminded of Stephen Covey’s principle of ‘beginning with the end in mind.’  There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to make a good first impression.  But should we instead look at making the right impression, as that will serve as the basis for a long-term, mutually beneficial future relationship.

EXECUTE  |  Beyond the First Impression

There are 4 tips that Kevin mentions in his article that I want us to consider as we work toward making the most of the relationship.  Taken together, they make up a 4-step process of moving beyond that initial impression toward fostering an ongoing influence and benefit to them.

Tip #1. Research the people you are going to meet.

Are we looking into the person or team we are meeting with in regards to how we can benefit, or, are we seeking to know more about them with the intent of being able to best serve their needs?  Not that they’re mutually exclusive, but what is the priority?

Tip #15. Leave people with something of value. 

What can we leave with them that is of value to them?  What can we learn about them that would best prepares us to better serve them and build opportunities to do more together in the future?  According to Daum, this will require that we “be a reader and learner, listen for a true need, and share your knowledge and experience.”

Tip #16. Show genuine appreciation. 

Emphasis on genuine.  Appreciate them, the relationship and the opportunity to talk with them.  It will communicate to them that they are the priority, but also create the desire on their part to welcome a future opportunity to work with you.

Tip #17. Follow up immediately.

If we want to take this beyond ‘being impressive’, continue to develop the relationship by following up accordingly.  Is there additional information you can provide?  Can you answer questions not answered during the meeting?  Is there any more brainstorming you could do beyond the meeting that would make your working together in the future more certain?

Start by making the right (not just good) impression, by seeking the more meaningful end of building a foundation that will afford you mutually beneficial opportunities in the future.

[Original article: 17 fast and simple tips that always improve your first impression]


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