Refining Your Routine: Replacing Bad Habits

don-t-be-late-1190543-1280x960EXPOSE | Bad Habits Be Gone

“It’s one thing to complain, whine, and vent at our frustrations in life. But does that really get you anywhere? No matter how much you complain, nothing will change if you don’t take the wheel and actually do something to make your situation fulfilling.” – John Rampton

EXPLORE | Being Realistic About Change

You’ll find from reading a few issues of the Solomon Weekly Email that I’m more into a general consideration of improvement than I am the ‘movement that is self-improvement.’  In other words, we need to identify and set aside the hype and over-confidence in the human spirit.  By design we are limited, and we also need to be aware of that.  Of course, understanding that balance is what this weekly email and blog are all about.  But make no mistake, we are to get off our rear-ends, close our mouths and report for duty.  We will be the agent through which change occurs in our lives.  We do have a lot to do with it.

EXECUTE | Living More Wisely by Refining Your Routine

Not really any secrets here in the full article linked below, so I’ll save you the longer read by highlighting the 2 things that may in fact help you become a little leaner in your approach to living wisely:

Waking up early – at least earlier.  I can attest this approach.  It may take a little effort to transition to an earlier bedtime, but it is well worth it.  Being able to wake up to a quiet house provides the focus you need to read, think, pray, and plan.

Replacing bad habits – one other point worth noting is how we need to not just stop doing certain things.  We need to replace those things we should no longer be doing, with things that are worth doing.  Whatever you need to stop doing, determine what it is you will do instead.

[Original article: 8 of the best secrets to self-improvement]

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