Why You Should Read the Entire Bible Once a Year

Why You Should Read the Entire Bible Once a YearWhy You Should Read the Entire Bible Once a Year

EXPOSE  |  He is Wisest Who Masters This Book

“When all your favorite preachers are gone, and their books are forgotten, you will have your Bible. Master it.” – John Piper

EXPLORE  |  Now is the Time for Mastery

Have you ever read the entire Bible?  Think it better left to a bucket list?  Or better yet, the New Year’s resolution?  Of course the right answer is that the right time to start doing the right thing is–right now.

I will admit, things move a little slow in Deuteronomy and Leviticus.  But hey, those were slower times.  The thing is, God doesn’t do ‘unnecessary.’  Those books, along with the others, are meant as a whole, for our understanding of what He has chosen to reveal about Himself specifically.  And if we’re to handle life properly, we’ll need to be understand what God says about how we should go about doing that.  It makes perfect sense.  The time for mastery is now.

EXECUTE  |  5 Reasons to Read the Entire Bible

There are at least 5.  But what Jeff Robinson provides in his article for the Gospel Coalition are strong arguments for not only reading the entire Bible, but doing so now.

1. “It helps you learn the overarching story of Scripture.”

It’s all connected, and makes the most sense when viewed together.

2. “It will improve your ability to interpret and exegete Scripture.”

“Scripture interprets Scripture.”  I remember hearing that more than once during Bible school.  Gaining context and history from having read the whole helps us understand the parts.

3. “It will keep you habitually in the Bible.”

“Ain’t nothin’ but the real thing baby…” You’ve heard the story about those trained in detecting counterfeit money: they don’t stop working with the real thing so they are most capable of determining when something is fake.

4. “It will ensure you are engaging (and being engaged by) Scripture at least as frequently as you’re engaging other books.”

There really is no justification for giving another book more time or prominence in our lives than the Bible.

5. “It will force you to navigate those tricky, less traveled roads of Scripture.”

Doing what we have to do is right to do. There are not really any parts that we should feel can be skipped.  Who has given us the authority to deem any part be set aside?

If not now, when? And if not now–why?  Here is a great place to start.

Get the whole story.  Unleash the power of the whole book.  Let’s get to it.

[Original article: 5 reasons to read the entire Bible in 2016]

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