define wisdomHow would you define wisdom?

When looking at any recent news story, it’s hard not to agree that as a society, we seem to be lacking an answer to that question.  Or, at least a consensus on what it is.

How would you define wisdom?  Of course the better question to ask is how should we define it?  Before we ‘skip to the answer’ it is probably best to spend a little time wrestling with it.

So, here’s your opportunity.  But let me ask again, like this: if you say someone is wise, what do you mean?  What is it that they say, or have, or know that would give you reason to call them wise?

To give you a running start, when asked to define wisdom Google gives us: “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.”  Yes?  No?  Kind of?  Add your corrections or contributions below in the comments.

After you’ve offered your thoughts, explore what is looks like to live a life of wisdom.

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8 thoughts on “Define Wisdom

  1. One of the ways I see wisdom admirably displayed in others is via restraint. The wise person is slow to speak, carefully considering what is heard and seen, and removes emotion from his/her responses. My grandfather was not overtly godly, but nor was he ungodly, but exemplified wisdom in that he never overreacted. He considered is words and actions very carefully. He wouldn’t allow himself to dable in things that might become a vice, and wisely counciled others to do the same.

    1. Absolutely Adam… the strength and influence we have by being silent; or at least only using words when we need to is an excellent example of wisdom.

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